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Green Building with Croix Custom Homes

This company’s road to becoming a green builder started in 2003, and they have learned with every home since. Our homes are certified through Green Built Home, the Wisconsin equivalent of Minnesota GreenStar. Their focus is now on implementing durable, environmentally friendly and responsible building practices and products. Making a home “green” can come down to detail: sealing can lights, caulking all sill and wall plates, and using locally and regionally produced materials to limit transportation pollution and energy consumption.

Croix Custom Homes makes smart choices, including the use of a furnace featuring a modulating ECM motor, which uses less energy to start each cycle. Smart product choices include Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood, 50-year shingles, cement board siding, and hardwood floors. Indoor air quality issues are addressed with radon mitigation system, proper ventilation, air cleaners and low or no VOC paints.


More About Energy Star

5 Key Concepts of Green

• EE - Energy Efficiency
• RE - Resource Efficiency
• IEQ - Indoor Environmental Quality
• WC - Water Conservation
• SC - Site & Community Impact


Green building is a SYSTEMS process: systems are a sum of the parts and parts are a sum of the products. The SYSTEM defines whether a home is Green. An individual product does not define the home.


Products should not be called "Green." Individual products are defined by their Green ATTRIBUTES, or characterisitcs.


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